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What actually happens in an eye examination?

Do I have to pay for an eye examination?

Am I entitled to free spectacles?

What's the difference between an optician, optometrist and opthalmologist?

Which eye specialist should I choose?

Will it make my eyes worse if I start wearing glasses?

When should a child have his/her first eye test?

What is the difference between bifocals and varifocals?

Why are my glasses so thick and heavy?

How often should I have my eyes tested?

What are single vision spectacle lenses?

What lenses are best for driving?

My eyes have always been perfect – why can't I see to read anymore?

Why don't I just buy Magnifying specs off the shelf when I can't see to read any more?

I have astigmatism, am I still able to wear contact lenses?

I have heard about some contact lenses that are an alternative to Laser – are they safe?

Is it safe to swim in contact lenses?

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