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Essilor Eye Protect System™

To address the growing need for protection against increasing exposure to blue light and UV, Essilor, the leading manufacturer of eyeglass lenses, is introducing Eye Protect System™, a lens innovation making eye protection more accessible to everyone. This includes the launch of Smart Blue Filter™ which provides embedded protection against harmful blue-violet light while allowing the beneficial blue-violet light to pass through on an aesthetically clear lens. Blue light is found everywhere, and is emitted by the sun and artificial light sources such as LEDs, computers and smart phones. This product innovation signifies a major advancement by Essilor because most blue light and UV protection products available are a coating applied to the lens surface that has an obvious color.

“Over the past several decades, in partnership with eyecare professionals, major Essilor lens innovations have improved the vision of millions of eyeglass wearers,” said Eric Leonard, President of Essilor of America. “At Essilor, we care about protecting eyes and have made a significant commitment to ensure that blue light and UV protection are available to everyone. We will offer this technology as a fundamental part of our business at no additional cost, creating a new standard for our industry.”

Essilor will communicate on the benefits of Smart Blue Filter embedded in Varilux® digital designs, Eyezen+™ lenses, and Transitions lenses. For the ultimate protection, consumers can combine Smart Blue Filter lenses with Crizal® Prevencia® No-Glare lens treatment, which selectively filters harmful blue-violet light while also blocking UV light.

“The connection between blue-light and retinal disease, such as AMD, suggests that reducing exposure to blue light would be beneficial,” said Dr. Howard Purcell, Senior Vice President, Essilor of America. “As a leader in the optical industry, we feel it’s our responsibility to provide solutions which meet the needs of eyecare professionals and their patients for protection and correction, by providing the best solutions on the market.”

Eye Protect System™ will provide protection against the harmful blue-violet and UV light. For protection against the more intense amounts of blue and UV light encountered outdoors, Transitions lenses or sunwear lenses should be worn - such as Xperio UV™ polarized sun lenses manufactured by Essilor.

Jack Brown